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icon_iceheroesIce Heroes

A Camera based game, with motion color tracking control.

Break the ice cubes, rescue the fishes. Online events with photos.





Pucky Birdy

Hockey style game, top view, 3 players in the arena :)

Several characters are available, 2 maps.

Take some time with the Rules section, it allows to practice your moves !



icon_lapiluleThe Pill

A birth control pill reminder.

Works even in plane mode with local notifications.

A real pack is displayed, it allows to compare with your real one.




Bitmap font generator for OSX !

Many effects are available, export as many assets as you want for ipadhd, hd, sd

Atlas file in fnt format, xml, etc…




A simple image resizer.

Drag and drop your files, click HD2X and it’s done!

Custom suffix, remove or add suffix, customizable scale.



 Notifier Pro for Gmail

A Status bar app: check all your gmail accounts email.

If you miss the old google notifier app, this is for you!

Fast, lightweight, secure, multiple accounts.


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The team

Stéphane QUERAUD – Apps and Games for iOS and OSX, developped on my free time. I’m a also a Network & System Ingeneer. Contact: stephane at sovapps dot com
Alexandra QUERAUD – I translate the apps and games (russian/french/english). I also work on app marketing, and writing reviews.
Kirby – I do nothing expect sleeping, eating, playing.
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